Remote learning has quickly become the new normal for the more than 54 million students displaced by school closures due to COVID-19. But many educators feel unprepared to teach in an online environment.

NEA is here to provide the resources you need to establish an effective online classroom. Enroll in one of NEA’s virtual remote blended learning courses to learn the basic components of remote learning and successful instruction outside of the traditional classroom.

Remote learning 101

In this course, you will learn about best practices for remote learning, as well as how to implement a successful remote learning program by utilizing  strategies that encourage community building, effective communication, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Equity challenges and opportunities

In this course, you will learn about the equity challenges caused by the necessity for remote learning, as well as the opportunities you have as educators to minimize their impact.

Collaboration tools and strategies

In this course, you will learn the basics of available online platforms to collaborate and communicate online, including virtual meetings, messaging, screencast, structural platforms, appointment and content creation tools.

Accommodations for remote learners

In this course you will learn how to provide accommodations and implement strategies that allow to you better serve Students with IEPs; English language learners; and Students with developing literacy skills

Trauma informed pedagogy for remote learning

In this course, you will learn about trauma and the impact it can have on your students in a school setting. You will also learn how to identify trauma specifically related to COVID-19 and be introduced to activities, apps, and tools to support students.

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All courses begin June 15, 2020.

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