If you’re one of the families who’ve begun using Zoom for school and connecting with family and friends, follow these best practices, shared by NEA’s Center for Innovation & Technology.

Zoom DOs:

  • DO ensure you use a unique, long, complex password. Shoot for att least 16 characters, incorporating spaces and punctuation.
  • DO create a Waiting Room for attendees, only admitting those you recognize.
  • DO use the setting that requires the host to be present before a meeting before it starts — this prevents attendees from joining before you are ready.
  • DO expel any uninvited/unintended participants.
  • DO lock a meeting after all participants have entered.
  • DO limit screen sharing to “host only” for meetings whenever possible to eliminate Zoom-bombing.
  • DO temporarily pause screen-sharing when opening a new window to switch between applications/browser windows. This avoids unintended sharing of other materials on your computer.
  • DO require a password on meetings.
  • DO ask attendees to mute themselves unless they are speaking to eliminate background noise and distractions.

Zoom DO NOTs:

  • DO NOT make your Zoom password the same as your NEA network/login password!
  • DO NOT allow invitees to share the link with others; ask them to contact you to add the additional person(s) to the meeting invite. This prevents unintended participants and protects against a meeting being hijacked.
  • DO NOT permit participants to record the meeting. As host, you can record the meeting if necessary and post later for access. 
  • DO NOT send a meeting password in the same email/email chain as the URL for the meeting. Send it separately, with a new subject line or communicate via phone/text if possible.

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