A crisis has hit. Now more than ever, people are looking for trusted leadership, a way forward, and for solutions that work.

In this excerpt of our Collaborating Effectively In Crisis resource guide, we will provide quick-start processes for you and your members to work alongside administration to bring forth the needs of educators, students, and their families, and to address them in ways that bring swift outcomes.

Listen to Members’ Needs
How is this situation impacting them? Their students and families? The community at large?

Partner with Administrators
Identify the crisis, communicate your desire to collaborate, and partner to develop and implement solutions.

Create Commitments
Identify areas of focus that all parties agree are a priority. Document these areas and agree to hold to these.

Form Teams & Commitments
Work with administrators to form teams and committees with diverse, ready-to-collaborate stakeholders.

Create Shared Goals Objectives
Define and document shared goals and objectives, and the activities that will achieve those aims.

Establish Support Resources
Identify and secure the resources that are required to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Create a Communication Plan
It’s important to keep your stakeholders informed. Determine how and when you will communicate the work.

Understand Decision-Making
It’s important to establish decision-making that protects the integrity of the work and the collaborative dynamic.

Monitor Progress & Impact
This helps track implementation and may also shed light on new information about problems or solutions.

Reflect. The Crisis has Ended!
Think about the important structures you’ve established as you look toward a brighter future.

Share Your Story
Tell us what we can do to help you get through this tough time. Share an inspiring story. Pass along a tip. Ask for help. We want to hear from you.
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