The COVID-19 pandemic crisis exacerbated long-existing inequities within our education system, with the students and educators already marginalized suffering the biggest blow. In responding to this pandemic, NEA is uniquely positioned to leverage our collective power to unapologetically advocate for just education systems that support the health, safety, and success of all students and educators – particularly students and educators of color.

Our members, as well as the students, families, and communities they serve are counting on NEA to lead in this moment. NEA commits to acknowledging its past role in contributing to the perpetuation of an unjust, institutionally racist education system and make righting that system an organizational priority. The Safe and Just Schools Partnership Funding Program serves as a tangible example of that commitment during the current pandemic to organize to win for our students, our members, and our communities.

Please click here to learn more about the Safe and Just Schools Partnership Funding opportunity.

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