Signs of Gratitude

Across the country, parents and students are showing their respect and appreciation for educators who go beyond the call of duty.

More Praise for Educators...

“One of the 'winners' in all of this are teachers. So many parents are trying to home school and finding out how insanely difficult teaching is and gaining a whole new level of respect for teachers.”
– @Toure
“A bunch of the 'Teachers Don't Deserve $100K A Year' crowd who gotta stay home with their kids now and home school them are figuring out that teaching one or two kids is hard enough let alone 28 of them lol”
– @SheaSerrano
“I wonder how many parents home schooling today still think teaching is an easy profession and teachers are overpaid? Keeping in mind teachers have 30 kids per class. Teachers may be getting some sweet notes or treats or maybe even some apologies in a few weeks.”
– @DrBradJohnson
“This pandemic has already revealed that: schools are so much more than just schools; many people now realize how tough it is to be a teacher and that teachers are grossly underpaid; teachers are irreplaceable and essential to learning and education.”
– @NicholasFerroni
“Day 2 of homeschooling and I already want to quit my teaching job. I've always appreciated how hard teaching is, but let me just say it for the record: Our educators are amazing and we should pay them more, respect them more and show gratitude every single day.”
– Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones
“One hour into homeschooling and all I can say is teachers are heroes and patriots and they deserve huge raises.”
– @Erin_Pelton

Now It's Your Turn

Tell your favorite educators what they mean to you and your community by posting on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ThankAnEducator.

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